Pigrock Bothy Project – Day 1

In the morning we had a tour of the gallery with curator Dan Brown.

Looking at the ‘Now’ exhibitions which included the work of Monster Chetwynd, Monya Flannigan, Henry Coombes, Betye Saar and Wael Shawky.

Monster Chetwynd is the main focal point of the exhibition which included pieces of work in response to the galleries archives collection.

And the other 4 artists connect to the exhibition through challenging the convention in the way they have produced their pieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m the afternoon we were given the task to write both a descriptive piece of writing about a chosen an artwork as well as a personal reaction, describing why we were drawn to the piece of work and collecting information from the wall description.

We were then given a photograph of people we didn’t know but were known as artists or other celebrities/historical figures. Drawing upon their image we then wrote a short description of who we imagined them to be, basing their personality of their appearance. Using this we were then asked to write a letter to this fictitious character, inviting them to the gallery. We then went back to the piece of work we initially wrote about, this time writing from the character’s perspective. This was an interesting way of finding a way to see the work from a different perspective, we were also given prompt cards which had a single reaction such as discussed, scared etc. We based this bit of writing around this which helped to think about all the different ways a work could be interpreted. It was also interesting to see how everyone interpreted their character and the way they viewed the work.


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