Pigrock Bothy project: Day 2

today we were instructed to produce further responses relating to the written work we had done which was inspired by an artwork we were drawn to in the NOW exhibition at Modern One. Individually, we make a range of 3D responses from both our written responses and the artwork its self. We were given limited materials (paper, tape, string, fishing wire etc.) which encouraged us to focus on particular aspects and ideas we were interested in. We then responded to this through drawing. We found this process similar to the way we had learned at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop last year, which consisted of making then drawing in response then responding to that drawing and so on and so forth. Although I feel some of us found this process frustrating we did produce some interesting responses which we will continue to work upon tomorrow.

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For our next task we worked in groups of three, using a similar procedure of making and responding, however, this time, we were to respond to photos each other had taken. It was interesting to see how each individual would take something different from the photo to inspire their own, this resulted in a series of images which differed in subject matter but formally had connections, such as pattern, shape, and line.


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